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GRACE: Broadening Narratives of Computing through History, Craft and Technology

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Association for Computing Machinery


Inclusion in computer science education and profession is a debated topic in recent feminist HCI literature. To enable inclusion in computer science, we must find new ways to create opportunities for broadening the narrative of computing embracing diversity. In this paper, we present GRACE, an interactive installation, which combines history, crafts, and digital technology. The installation creates an opportunity for multiple people to engage into discussions around inclusion in computer science, thus facilitates open discussion of perspectives beyond predominant narratives of computing.


Menendez-Blanco, Maria; Bjørn, Pernille; Holten Møller, Naja M.; Bruun, Jesper; Dybkjær, Hans; Lorentzen, Kasper (2018): GRACE: Broadening Narratives of Computing through History, Craft and Technology. Proceedings of the 2018 ACM International Conference on Supporting Group Work. DOI: 10.1145/3148330.3154505. Association for Computing Machinery. pp. 397–400. Sanibel Island, Florida, USA