New features

This digital library application is based on the software DSpace v7.6.1. In the following we list (new) additions to the basic DSpace software.


  • extend the Highwire Publishing metadata for Google Scholar on item pages, add some Open Graph metadata


  • extended /info/overview page and linked it from footer
  • activated display of item counts in community-list


  • server and client updated from DSpace v7.6 to DSpace v7.6.1


  • added feature Bib Metadata Export (from The Library Space, @kshepherd, 08/2023)
  • added NewFeatures info component - linked from footer (/info/newfeatures)


  • new TopBanner component - added to page header
  • automatically open search filter facet authors
  • item search result list: author names in two lines, do not display editor names, new badges
  • adapted community/collection pages
  • adapted item details page
  • adapted homepage
  • new components for authors-with-most-docs, popular-docs, frequent-downloads
  • new component gi-search-navbar (with display of total number of documents)
  • new static pages for faqs and imprint in themes "gi" and "eusset" (in info component)
  • removed links to statistics pages
  • added translations
  • changed global styles, favicon, header, footer
  • change href to routerLink in all components to avoid reloading the pages
  • ...