“ECSCW – European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work – The International venue on Practice-centred computing and the Design of cooperation technologies” is a series of conferences on computer-supported cooperative work located in Europe. From 1989 to 2017 ECSCW took place bi-annually in different towns in Europe (see below). From 2018 and onwards, ECSCW will merge with COOP and become an annual conference held in late May/early June under the aegis of EUSSET – The European Society for Socially-Embedded Technologies.

As stated in the preface to the ECSCW 1991 proceedings, CSCW is committed to grounding technological development and systems design in an understanding of “the specifics of practical, situated action“. ECSCW remains committed to this program.

The acceptance rate for papers has been between 20 and 25%.

Since 2017 the full research papers at ECSCW are split into two categories: "journal papers" are published in the JCSCW (preprints in the EUSSET DL without a paywall) and "exploratory papers" are published open-access in the EUSSET Digital Library only.

To provide a feeling for the (potential) impact of the different kinds of papers, we have collected some download statistics over the last years - the statistics are downloads per year (excluding downloads by robots) in average over all the papers:

ECSCW exploratory papers: For ECSCW2019 we had an average of 136 downloads/paper/year in the first year, for ECSCW2018 we had an average of 168 downloads/paper/year over two years and for ECSCW2017 we had an average of 83 downloads/paper/year over three years. Regarding citation counts one could find on Google Scholar an average of 1 citation for ECSCW2019 exploratory papers after one year (max: 6), and an average of 5 citations for ECSCW2018 exploratory papers after two years (max: 12).

ECSCW journal papers: For the preprints stored in the EUSSET DL we had an average of 64 downloads/paper/year for ECSCW2019 and an average of 61 downloads/paper/year over two years for ECSCW2018.

To set these numbers in context: In the ACM Digital Library you can find average downloads for C&T of about 90/paper/year, and for ACM CSCW and ACM GROUP of about 100/paper/year.

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