Implementing Electronic Health Records – Cases, Concepts, Questions

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European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET)
Learning is inherently social. This raises several questions that relate to how contexts and spaces can mediate co-creative learning. In this workshop proposal, we refer to the interrelated aspects of space, learning, and embodiment and how these aspects mediate the human-robot interaction. Our assumption is that robots are interpreted variously and used in different ways. We are interested in the interrelation between interpretation and use, which are constitutive for the establishment of different co-creative learning spaces. Reflecting on this leads to an understanding of what to look for in Participatory Design studies. It matters, for example, whether persons in a nursing home have any say at all in how robots are perceived and in what technical practices robots are to be integrated and adopted. This is a crucial aspect for the appropriation of technical artifacts and for the development of new (E)CSCW or HCI paradigms.