Online Harassment in the Workplace: The Role of Technology in Labour Law Disputes

dc.contributor.authorTenório, Nelson
dc.contributor.authorBjørn, Pernille
dc.description.abstractIn this paper, we explore the role technology plays in online workplace harassment as it emerges in the legal verdicts of labour law courts. Analysing 106 official legal verdicts on labour law violations, we demonstrate how technological traces are used as evidence for both indictment and the defence. We find that chat technologies risk providing a platform for online workplace harassment which extends beyond the boundaries of work and into private life. In contrast to online harassment on social media sites, online harassment in the workplace exists within situations of known audiences in hierarchical organisational structures. Thus, speaking up against a violator can have severe financial and social consequences for the survivor. Our data show that chat technology, by capturing and documenting abusive behaviours, makes harassment visible, allowing survivors to hold the harassers legally accountable. Furthermore, we find that online harassment, because it extends beyond the physical workplace, extends the legal and ethical responsibility of the employer. We argue that research on computer-supported co-operative work should consider how the design of co-operative technologies can help survivors speak up, as well as inhibit violators’ abusive behaviour. We also propose that design strategies must consider employers’ extended responsibility for moral and ethical conduct.en
dc.identifier.pissnISSN 0925-9724
dc.publisherSpringer, London
dc.relation.ispartofComputer Supported Cooperative Work - ECSCW 2019: Proceedings of the 17th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
dc.subjectAbusive behaviour
dc.subjectLabour laws
dc.subjectChat technology
dc.subjectLegal disputes
dc.subjectWorkplace harassment
dc.subjectOnline harassment
dc.subjectMoral harassment
dc.subjectSexual harassment
dc.subjectLegal evidence
dc.titleOnline Harassment in the Workplace: The Role of Technology in Labour Law Disputesen
dc.typeText/Journal Article
gi.conference.date8 - 12 June 2019
gi.conference.locationSalzburg, Austria
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