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Co-Creating a Research Data Infrastructure with Social Policy Researchers

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European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET)


We present a case study on co-creating a research data infrastructure together with social policy researchers. Over three years, we investigated how the social scientists worked with data, and designed a collaborative system to support them in the harmonization, validation, exploration, and sharing of research data. We conducted several co-creation workshops, interviews, surveys, and user studies not only to co-design the system but also to assess the benefts and limitations of our participatory approach for this interdisciplinary collaboration. The evaluation uncovered that the researchers were satisfed with the processes and tools that we developed, and that the system was successfully adopted. We found that when working in a large interdisciplinary project, especially in the context of social policy research, it is critical to assess the status of the data early on, and to discuss how the group and individual goals connect with each other, to ensure long-term engagement and commitment.


Molina León, Gabriela; Skitalinskaya, Gabriella; Düpont, Nils; Klaff, Jonas; Schlegel, Anton; Heuer, Hendrik; Breiter, Andreas (2022): Co-Creating a Research Data Infrastructure with Social Policy Researchers. Proceedings of 20th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work. DOI: 10.48340/ecscw2022_p03. European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET). PISSN: 2510-2591. Poster. Coimbra, Portugal. 27 June - 1 Juli 2022