The Ecological Underpinnings and Future Contributions of (E)CSCW

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European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET)
When times change rapidly, the transformations around us ask us to consider whether our practices of research and scholarship are keeping abreast. Multiple crises are bearing down on us and only a change in Global North lifestyles and values will begin to address the world’s course towards major catastrophe. In this highly interactive panel, we unravel the ecological underpinnings of (E)CSCW to understand how it could contribute more fully to different sustainabilities and alternative futures. We consider (E)CSCW to offer a strength in its practice-oriented roots and its ecological understanding of socio-technical relations. We revisit these qualities in light of the need to embrace interdependence in all aspects of life and invite others to think with us about possible futures and the contributions (E)CSCW scholarship is poised to make in working toward them.