Geolocation Data as a Research Tool for the Organization of the Settlement System: Case Study of the Spatial Mobility Model in Czechia

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European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET)
Geolocation data is a widely used source of the spatial information. Their great potential might be also used for population mobility research to identify spatial interactions forming the hierarchical structure of the settlement system. For this purpose, a model of data acquisition and their preliminary analysis was developed. This model represents an effective tool for mapping the mobility behaviour of the population. Using the example of Czechia, significant commuting links are identified, which are subsequently analysed in detail using GIS tools. Therefore, important commuting centres of different hierarchical levels are defined by the volume and nature of spatial interactions. This approach is used as a source of important expertise for the proposals on subsequent Czech public administration reform. Nevertheless, the entire model is generally transferable, and the entire method of using the geolocation data for mapping the hierarchy within the settlement system can be replicated in other countries as well.