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Taking care of sensitive milieus: a story about dialogical interviews


To be engaged in design processes in healthcare organizations often implies to deal with sensitive contexts, which, in turn, deal with a unique and delicate emotional setting. In this paper, we address reflections related to our research experience adopting dialogical interviews in sensitive design contexts. These reflections arise from a field work carried out within a network of nursing homes, within which we conducted 27 dialogical interviews with family members of patients in severe end-of-life conditions. With this contribution, we want to address the importance of taking care of the human relationships while working with sensitive participants, as a way to comprehend to which direction the design of a new technology should be driven.


Ceschel, Francesco; Di Fiore, Angela; Casati, Fabio (2017): Taking care of sensitive milieus: a story about dialogical interviews. Infrahealth 2017 - Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Infrastructure in Healthcare 2017. DOI: 10.18420/ihc2017_015. PISSN: 2510-2591. University of Aarhus, Denmark. 22-23rd June 2017