Proactive Support for the Organization of Shared Workspaces Using Activity Patterns and Content Analysis

dc.contributor.authorPrinz, Wolfgang
dc.contributor.authorZaman, Baber
dc.description.abstractShared workspace systems provide virtual places for self-organized and semi-structured cooperation between local and distributed team members. These cooperation systems have been adopted by a large community over the past years and the volume of managed information is increasing rapidly. However, a problem that occurs frequently is the missing user support for the workspace organization and a lack of assistance finding the right place for storing new documents and contributions. This often results in poorly organized workspaces, making it difficult to find documents. Starting with a user survey, this paper presents a solution that assists the users in finding the right location based on an analysis of recent individual and group activities combined with a content analysis of the shared workspaces. The evaluation of the system shows evidence that the combination of the two approaches provides a useful assistance for different work situations. Furthermore some unexpected effects could be observed that makes the solution also suitable for cooperative knowledge management.en
dc.publisherAssociation for Computing Machinery
dc.relation.ispartofProceedings of the 2005 ACM International Conference on Supporting Group Work
dc.subjectsemantic web for shared workspaces
dc.subjectcontent categorization for shared workspaces
dc.subjectsocial computing and social navigation
dc.subjectsimilar documents search
dc.subjectnoise detection for shared workspaces
dc.subjectoffice and workplace
dc.subjectshared workspaces
dc.titleProactive Support for the Organization of Shared Workspaces Using Activity Patterns and Content Analysisen
gi.citation.publisherPlaceNew York, NY, USA
gi.conference.locationSanibel Island, Florida, USA