Toward an AI-assisted Assessment Tool to Support Online Art Therapy Practices: A Pilot Study

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European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET)
Artificial intelligence (AI) has been widely used to assist art therapists with artwork assessments by providing objective information. While prior studies showed that AI- assisted tools are feasible to improve drawing analysis in in-person art therapy practices, the use of those tools in online art therapy is still under-examined. To fill the gap, we created a prototype of an AI-assisted tool for online therapy in a House-Tree-Person (HTP) test scenario and ran lab-based usability sessions with 10 art therapists in which they used our proposed prototype to complete predefined tasks. We then conducted semi-structured interviews with the participants to understand their acceptance and concerns about the prototype. The findings revealed the unique needs of art therapists and opportunities of using AI-assisted tools to improve online art therapy practices. Based on these findings, we suggest implications for creating AI-assisted tools that meet specific needs of art therapists in online therapy sessions, and further discuss future directions of research about AI- assisted tools for art therapists in online settings.