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Anticipative Awareness in a Groupware System

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ACM Press


This work presents a new approach in the area of awareness in groupware. We have made a first step towards supporting both conventional, past-oriented and anticipative, futureoriented awareness by suggesting a conceptual model for defining expectations of actions in a shared workspace and for an automatic check and notification of fulfillment or non-fulfillment of these expectations. Our approach is people-centric and is based on a real-life mental state: the state of anticipating certain events in a workspace. After having studied previous theoretical and practical research on awareness and having analyzed several current collaborative systems, we developed a conceptual model of expectations in shared workspaces. We then implemented our approach as an add-on package to the shared workspace system BSCW. Having evaluated our system with a group of BSCW users we analyzed their feed-back and came to the conclusion that all test users declared the concept of anticipative awareness useful and the implementation on the whole usable. Based on the comments of the test users we propose several improvements of the implementation.


Prinz, Wolfgang; Hinrichs, Elke; Kireyev, Irina (2008): Anticipative Awareness in a Groupware System. From CSCW to Web 2.0: European Developments in Collaborative Design Selected Papers from COOP08. ACM Press. pp. 5-15. Full Papers. Carry-le-Rouet, France. 2008-05-20