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Title: Ethical Future Environments: Smart Thinking about Smart Cities means engaging with its Most Vulnerable
Authors: Ertl, Tanja
Müller, Claudia
Aal, Konstantin
Wulf, Volker
Tachtler, Franziska
Scheepmaker, Laura
Fitzpatrick, Geraldine
Smith, Nancy
Schuler, Douglas
Keywords: Vulnerability;Urban Informatics;Smart Cities;Citizen Science;Marginalization;Caring Community;Animal-Computer Interaction
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: C&T '21: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Communities & Technologies - Wicked Problems in the Age of Tech
metadata.mci.reference.pages: 340–345
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1145/3461564.3468165
metadata.mci.conference.location: Seattle, WA, USA
Appears in Collections:C&T 2021: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Communities and Technologies

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