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Title: Development of Interllectual Capability
Authors: Jaques, Elliott
Issue Date: 1984
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Readings of Workshop on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work 1984
Abstract: This paper is concerned with the subject of the ability of individuals to engage in goal-directed behavior in problem-solving and in everyday work. It concentrates upon one aspect only of this ability; namely, that of intellectual capability - or what tends currently to be referrred to as cognitive processes. It addresses a number of connected issues: first, what is the nature of cognitive processes, defined here as the processes by which individuals form or pattern the world which they construct and work with?; second, how is it possible to measure the scale or degree of complexity of cogrnitive processes - defined here as cognitive power - and by the same token, to measure the size of the world which a person can construct and live in?; and thirs, what is the pattern of development of the cognitive power of an individual - how does it mature and grow?
metadata.mci.conference.location: Dedham, MA 13-15.8.1984
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