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Title: TEXTNET: A Network-Based Approach to Text Handling
Authors: Trigg, Randall H.
Weiser, Mark
Issue Date: 1984
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Readings of Workshop on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work 1984
Abstract: This paper describes a new system for text structuring called Textnet. The Textnet approach uses one uniform data structure to capture graph-like pools of text as well as embedded hierarchical structures. Using a semantic network formalism of nodes connected by typed links, the relationships between neighboring pieces of thext are made explicit. We also describe our partial implementation of the Textnet approach which makes use of an object-oriented window/menu-driven user interface. Users peruse the network by moving among object menus or by reading text along a path through the network. In addition, critiquing, reader linking, searching, and jumping are easily accessible operations. Finally, the results of a short trial with users are presented.
metadata.mci.conference.location: Dedham, MA 13-15.8.1984
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