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Title: Social Mechanisms of Interaction
Authors: Schmidt, Kjeld
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Lancaster University
Abstract: The present report documents the research activities undertaken in Task 3.1 of the COMIC project. The objective of the three years of research of Strand 3 is to de- velop a conceptual foundation for designing computational mecha- nisms of interaction for CSCW applications that can support the complex task of articulating distributed cooperative activities. The present deliverable presents analyses of a number of real- world mechanisms of interaction. In doing that, the deliverable focuses on the features of these mechanisms that enable them to provide efficient and flexible support of coordination of distributed activities and the way these mechanisms are managed cooperatively. On the other hand, based on these and other studies, the deliverable presents and discusses a conceptual framework for analysis of mechanisms of interaction and derives a set of re- quirements for a notation for constructing computational mechanisms of interaction
ISBN: 0-901800-55-4
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