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Title: Computable Models and Prototypes of Interaction
Authors: Benford, Steve
Bullock, Adrian
Fuchs, Ludwin
Mariani, John
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Lancaster University
Abstract: This document forms Deliverable 4.2. of the COMIC project. The input for this deliverable comes from two tasks within workpackage 4, Task 4.2 “Computer modelling and prototyping of interaction within virtual computer spaces” and Task 4.3 “Modelling, prototyping and assessment of multi-user interaction with and through shared artifacts”. Each of these tasks is addressed by a separate part of the deliverable, although this is not to say that they present unrelated work. To the contrary there has been significant cooperation between the partners involved in both of these tasks. The first portion of the deliverable focuses on the development and prototyping of a computational model of interaction within virtual computer spaces. The second portion of the deliverable presents the work undertaken within task 4.3 of the COMIC project. The work described in this section of the deliverable focuses on the sharing of objects across a community of users.
ISBN: 0-901800-55-4
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