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Title: Understanding Mobile Notification Management in Collocated Groups
Authors: Fischer, Joel E.
Reeves, Stuart
Moran, Stuart
Greenhalgh, Chris
Benford, Steve
Rennick-Egglestone, Stefan
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Springer, London
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: ECSCW 2013: Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
metadata.mci.reference.pages: 21-44
Series/Report no.: ECSCW
Abstract: We present an observational study of how notifications are handled by collocated groups, in the context of a collaborative mobile photo-taking exercise. Interaction analysis of video recordings is used to uncover the methodical ways in which participants manage notifications, establishing and sustaining co-oriented interaction to coordinate action, such as sharing notification contents and deciding on courses of action. Findings highlight how embodied and technological resources are collectively drawn upon in situationally nuanced ways to achieve the management of notifications delivered to cohorts. The insights can be used to develop an understanding of how interruptions are dealt with in other settings, and to reflect on how to support notification management within collocated groups by design.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1007/978-1-4471-5346-7_2
ISBN: 978-1-4471-5345-0
metadata.mci.conference.sessiontitle: Full Papers
metadata.mci.conference.location: Paphos, Cyprus 21-25 September 2013
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