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The community is where the rapport is -- on sense and structure in the youtube community

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YouTube is a video sharing repository, enabling users to post, share and discuss videos. Its stated mission is to create "an online video community"
however, YouTube is not commonly thought of as a community. Our aim in this study is to answer the question whether users have a "sense of community" towards YouTube, and if such feelings exist are they reflected in the explicit ties among members. To accomplish this, YouTube was examined using two different and complementing methods. Using Grounded Theory, we performed a detailed analysis of more than 30 videos and their corresponding textual comments, which discussed two topics: users' feelings about the YouTube community, and users' accounts of interaction within the community. We then performed a structural analysis on the ties these users display on their YouTube channels. This analysis showed that although users perceive YouTube to be a cohesive community, the explicit relationships in the friendship and subscription network are almost random. We suggest that users' sense of community is not necessarily related to the structure of the YouTube network, and may result from subjective affinity towards other users. This study also points out the importance of triangulating qualitative and quantitative data to get a deeper understanding of the nature of an online community.


Rotman, Dana; Golbeck, Jennifer; Preece, Jennifer (2009): The community is where the rapport is -- on sense and structure in the youtube community. Communities and Technologies 2009: Proceedings of the Fourth Communities and Technologies Conference. DOI: 10.1145/1556460.1556467. ACM Press. pp. 41-50. Full Papers