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Agentville: supporting situational awareness and motivation in call centres


Call centres are high pressure work environments where agents work strictly according to shifts and time schedules. Typically, agents are grouped into teams with supervisors from whom they receive only periodic performance feedback. It is a challenge to maintain high motivation and performance amongst the agents in this environment. Agents may lack awareness of their individual status with respect to their objectives, and the performance of their team and the call center as a whole. In this chapter we describe the design of a system that we are building to provide the agents with real-time information on their work environment’s status and on potential improvements in performance, while hopefully also improving their work experience. The solution is based on the introduction in the call centre of some game mechanics whose selection and instantiation has been informed by case studies conducted by the authors


Colombino, Tommaso; Castellani, Stefania; Grasso, Antonietta; Willamowski, Jutta (2012): Agentville: supporting situational awareness and motivation in call centres. COOP 2012: 10th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems. Full Papers. Marseille, France. 2012-05-30