Towards Re-Orienting the Big Data Rhetoric

dc.contributor.authorVerma, Nitya
dc.description.abstractData analytics and BI (business intelligence) systems are the most prominent user-facing manifestation of 'big data' and the related computational turn in thinking within organizations. However, the big data mythologies-specifically that data can offer more accurate, objective and truthful forms of intelligence and knowledge-impact, reinforce, and reproduce certain epistemological biases. In my research, I study these big data technologies in human services related contexts to examine knowledge claims and the strengths and limitations of big data.en
dc.publisherAssociation for Computing Machinery
dc.relation.ispartofProceedings of the 2016 ACM International Conference on Supporting Group Work
dc.subjectbusiness intelligence
dc.subjectdata analytics
dc.subjectbig data
dc.titleTowards Re-Orienting the Big Data Rhetoricen
dc.typeText/Conference Paper
gi.conference.locationSanibel Island, Florida, USA