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Designing Family Photo Displays

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Springer, London


We present efforts to explore the relatively underdeveloped area of digital photo display. Using examples from two empirical studies with family homes, we develop our results around three broad themes related to the display of photos and their arrangement. The first theme highlights the collaborative as well as individual work that goes into preparing photos for display. The second attends to the obligations families have to put particular photos on display. The third introduces the notion of curatorial control and the tensions that arise from one person controlling a home’s photo displays. Drawing on these themes, we go on to describe how we have used a critical design approach to open up the possibilities for future display innovations. Three critical design proposals are presented as sketches to illustrate the development of our ideas to date.


Taylor, Alex S.; Swan, Laurel; Durrant, Abigail (2007): Designing Family Photo Displays. ECSCW 2007: Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-84800-031-5_5. Springer, London. ISBN: 978-1-84800-031-5. pp. 79-98. Full Papers. Limerick, Ireland. 24-28 September 2007