What is the basis for your guesses? Tell us! Sharing Expertise-Based Intuition

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European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET)
Expertise-based intuition plays a key role in decision making within organizations. This kind of intuition occurs when the decision maker has developed a rich knowledge from extensive experience. When an expert leaves, he also takes with him his intuition risking the ability of organizations to quickly and accurately make decisions. To support organization to face this issue, we are investigating how to transfer the expertise-based intuition from an expert to a collaborative team and how this transfer can be computationally supported. The research is being conducted following the design science methodological approach. The artifacts generated are a macro process to support sharing intuition and a model to support collaborative intuitive decision making. Our next step is to evolve the macro process detailing it in well-defined processes and highlight what are the collaborative activities and what are their features and requirements regarding the CSCW perspective.