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Empowering rural citizen journalism via web 2.0 technologies


Once acquainted with the modern information and communication tools made available with the advent of the Internet, five Brazilian rural communities participating in a pilot project to develop a self-sustaining telecenter model, engaged in citizen journalism using inexpensive digital video cameras. Community members used Web 2.0 collaborative tools to post short videos on the telecenter portal. The 95 video blogs published between September 2006 and May 2008 recorded various aspects of community life, including religious celebrations, oral history arts and crafts traditions, folklore, and environmental concerns. This study evaluates the impact of video blogging in these communities.


Figueiredo, Marco A.; Prado, Paola; Câmara, Mauro A.; Albuquerque, Ana M. (2009): Empowering rural citizen journalism via web 2.0 technologies. Communities and Technologies 2009: Proceedings of the Fourth Communities and Technologies Conference. DOI: 10.1145/1556460.1556473. ACM Press. pp. 77-84. Full Papers