Provocative Awareness

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Recently a number of systems have been designedthat connect remote lovers, or strangers in anurban setting. The forms these systems take andthe functions they serve may be unfamiliar, butthey can be seen as extensions of awarenesstechnologies to new domains. Awarenesstechnologies have often been specialised togive information for particular work activitiesor relationships. Given that relationships inthe home or in local communities tend to bedifferent from those of the workplace, it isappropriate that both the form and content ofinformation conveyed to increase awarenessshould be different as well. The systemsdescribed here, for instance, explore newsensory and interaction possibilities, useambiguity to increase engagement, and address awider range of emotional relationships than domost workplace awareness systems. They pointto ways of extending notions of peripheralawareness to new domains on the one hand, andpossibilities for new forms of workplaceawareness on the other.