Human-Robot Interaction in Groups: Theory, Method, and Design for Robots in Groups

dc.contributor.authorRobert, Lionel P.
dc.contributor.authorYou, Sangseok
dc.description.abstractFor the last decade, robots have been adopted into group work ranging from corporate offices to military operations. While robotic technology has matured enough to allow robots to act as team members, our understanding of how this alters group work is limited. In particular, little work has examined how the adoption of robots might alter group processes and outcomes. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers investigating issues related to the theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches to studying human robot interactions within groups. We expect the workshop will contribute to our understanding of how to better design robots for group interactions.en
dc.publisherAssociation for Computing Machinery
dc.relation.ispartofProceedings of the 2014 ACM International Conference on Supporting Group Work
dc.subjecthuman-robot interaction
dc.subjectcomputer-supported cooperative work
dc.titleHuman-Robot Interaction in Groups: Theory, Method, and Design for Robots in Groupsen
dc.typeText/Conference Paper
gi.conference.locationSanibel Island, Florida, USA