Design of Digital Environments for Operations on Vessels

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Springer International Publishing
This paper reports on observations and interviews conducted through fieldwork at an offshore supply vessel to investigate offshore operational systems in use. The intention with the fieldwork was to get a better understanding of the knowledge and relationship that operators living in workspaces to use modern digital technologies. The findings are presented and analyzed through the lens of actor-network theory (ANT). The analysis shows that systems are involved in three main networks during different operations which I call host actor-network, parallel actor network and reconfigured host actor network. It also shows that these relationships contribute to dynamically changing safety issues on board, such as risky operations during tasks between the offshore support vessel and the oil platform. This paper addresses the critical issues of how different social, digital technologies and workspaces connected as networks affect the character of safety operations and the implications for the design of marine technology in workspaces and systems in a digital environment on a ship’s bridge.