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Vintage Meets Modern: A Retro-Inspired Audio Guestbook for Event Communication

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For this Demos track, we created an audio guestbook using a repurposed 1970s telephone, which adds a nostalgic touch while providing a unique and interactive way for guests to leave recorded messages during an event. The use of a vintage telephone offers a contrast to modern recording devices, such as smartphones, and combines nostalgia with the convenience of technology. The audio guestbook allows guests to record short audio messages that can be played back later, providing a way for guests to express well wishes and share thoughts and memories. We believe this prototype has the potential to inspire the communities & technology community to think creatively about technology-mediated communication systems and provide valuable insights into social interactions and communication. Additionally, the design and usability of the audio guestbook, including the repurposed vintage telephone, can be evaluated to understand how to create an effective and user-friendly experience for guests.


Cesário, Vanessa (2023): Vintage Meets Modern: A Retro-Inspired Audio Guestbook for Event Communication. Supplementary Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Communities & Technologies. DOI: 10.48340/ct2023-8666. EUSSET