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Active artifacts as bridges between context and community knowledge sources

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ACM Press


The aim of the paper is twofold: i) understanding how to provide additional information that is reflective of current organizational context in knowledge production and use
ii) proposing an architectural solution that can be applied to this need. To this aim, we introduce the concept of Active Knowledge Artifact (KA), i.e., an electronically augmented (i.e., active) artifact that puts together the archival functions of artifacts belonging to organizational ISs with context- and content-aware functionalities to promote collaboration awareness and support knowledge management. Through a case study in the hospital domain, we illustrate an approach where documents are augmented with information intended to support context interpretation and evoke the knowledge that actors need to coordinate their actions in that context. The autonomous provision of Awareness Promoting Information (API) and Knowledge Evoking Information (KEI) by means of modular and reactive mechanisms embedded in each KA is what makes KAs active computationally.


Cabitza, Federico; Simone, Carla (2009): Active artifacts as bridges between context and community knowledge sources. Communities and Technologies 2009: Proceedings of the Fourth Communities and Technologies Conference. DOI: 10.1145/1556460.1556478. ACM Press. pp. 115-124. Full Papers