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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Willing Buyer, Willing Seller: Personal Data Trade as a ServiceKotut, Lindah; Stelter, Timothy L.; Horning, Michael; McCrickard, D. Scott
2020Autono-Preneurial Agents in the Community: Developing a Socially Aware API for Autonomous Entrepreneurial Lawn MowersToombs, Austin L.; Whitley, Derek; Gray, Colin M.
2016Incorporation of Generational Learning in Familiar Interfaces and Systems: A Design FictionFields, Sarah Grace
2020The Future of Public Libraries as Convivial Spaces: A Design FictionKozubaev, Sandjar; DiSalvo, Carl
2016The IKEA Catalogue: Design Fiction in Academic and Industrial CollaborationsBrown, Barry; Bleecker, Julian; D'Adamo, Marco; Ferreira, Pedro; Formo, Joakim; Glöss, Mareike; Höök, Kristina; Johnson, Eva-Carin Banka; Kaburuan, Emil; Karlsson, Anna; Vaara, Elsa; Laaksolahti, Jarmo; Lampinen, Airi; Leahu, Lucian; Lewandowski, Vincent; McMillan, Donald; Mellbratt, Anders; Mercurio, Johanna; Norlin, Cristian; Nova, Nicolas; Pizza, Stefania; Rostami, Asreen; Sundquist, Mårten; Tollmar, Konrad; Tsaknaki, Vasiliki; Wang, Jinyi; Windlin, Charles; Ydholm, Mikael
2016The Co-Ordinates of Design Fiction: Extrapolation, Irony, Ambiguity and MagicBlythe, Mark; Encinas, Enrique
2018What Would You Do? Design Fiction and EthicsBaumer, Eric P.S.; Berrill, Timothy; Botwinick, Sarah C.; Gonzales, Jonathan L.; Ho, Kevin; Kundrik, Allison; Kwon, Luke; LaRowe, Tim; Nguyen, Chanh P.; Ramirez, Fredy; Schaedler, Peter; Ulrich, William; Wallace, Amber; Wan, Yuchen; Weinfeld, Benjamin
2018Crisis Informatics for Everyday Analysts: A Design Fiction Approach to Social Media Best PracticesDailey, Dharma; Soden, Robert; LaLone, Nicolas
2018Ad Empathy: A Design FictionSkirpan, Michael; Fiesler, Casey
2023AI Story Relay: A Collaborative Writing of Design Fiction to Investigate Artificial Intelligence Design ConsiderationsIm, Hyeonjeong; Jeon, Soobin; Cho, Haena; Shin, Sungyong; Choi, Dasom; Hong, Hwajung