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dc.contributor.authorJirotka, Marina
dc.contributor.authorLuff, Paul
dc.contributor.authorGilbert, Nigel
dc.description.abstractThis paper is concerned with the development of a more complex view of the analysis of social interactions in CMC systems. There is an apparent paradox in findings of previous studies of text-based CMC which may be due to the nature of this type of communication for it requires users to orient to two models: conversation and text. This is illustrated by showing the detailed analysis of instances of interactions on a particular CMC system. By utilising the notion of feedback and exploring its function in conversation, we emphasize the need for a more refined view of the relationship between speaker, hearer and feedback. We draw on Goffman's analysis of social encounters and offer a preliminary view of the contributions that participation frameworks and production formats can make toCSCW.
dc.publisherKluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands
dc.relation.ispartofECSCW 1991: Proceedings of the Second European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
dc.titleParticipation frameworks for computer mediated communication
mci.conference.date24-27 September 1991
mci.conference.locationAmsterdam, The Netherlands
mci.conference.sessiontitleFull Papers
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