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Title: Self-defence IT – Migrant Women and ICTs Strategies
Authors: Gouma, Assimina
Ernst, Waltraud
Carrington, Kim
Caixeta, Luzenir
Issue Date: 2014
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: GenderIT 2014
Series/Report no.: GenderIT
Abstract: Information- and Communications Technologies (ICTs) are central in everyday life in (post-) industrial societies. However, the conditions of their availability and the practicalities relating to their use vary greatly: ICTs users focus on different social issues using “new media” and (re)produce power dynamics in different ways. From this perspective, ICTs are systems with complex inclusionary and exclusionary mechanisms that run along intersections of class, gender, race, age etc. The paper analyses the results of the research project Selfdefence IT. Self-defence IT is an action research project initiated by the migrant women organisation maiz. Therein, women with migration biographies formulate a series of concerns in relation to ICTs that are relevant for both private and public spheres. It shows that the experience of migration changes and influences the way ICTs are used. Depending on context, ICTs may function as instruments to transcend national and social boundaries, as a platform for social control or as an opportunity for mobility in training and work.
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