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Title: Women and their Work–Life Balance in German IT Consulting
Authors: Nissen, Volker
Termer, Frank
Issue Date: 2014
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: GenderIT 2014
Series/Report no.: GenderIT
Abstract: Germany’s current population pyramid – as well as certain gender aspects – has led to a call for increasing numbers of working women in many industrial sectors. However, IT consultancies still find it difficult to adequately exploit highly qualified women’s potential when recruiting and bonding them. We believe that this originates from deficits in the perceived work–life balance of female consultants. Therefore, on the basis of an empirical study carried out with the aid of online interviews and following expert phone interviews, the current state of work–life balance in German IT consultancies is looked at in this paper. We focus on the situation of female IT consultants and show that the consulting sector can improve the work–life balance of female IT consultants by means of additional efforts, and also by raising the attractiveness of this sector for entrants.
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