Digital cities 9 workshop - hackable cities: from subversive city making to systemic change

dc.contributor.authorde Lange, Michiel
dc.contributor.authorVerhoeff, Nanna
dc.contributor.authorde Waal, Martijn
dc.contributor.authorFoth, Marcus
dc.contributor.authorBrynskov, Martin
dc.contributor.editorAvram, Gabriela
dc.contributor.editorDe Cindio, Fiorella
dc.contributor.editorPipek, Volkmar
dc.description.abstractThe DC9 workshop takes place on June 27, 2015 in Limerick, Ireland and is titled "Hackable Cities: From Subversive City Making to Systemic Change". The notion of "hacking" originates from the world of media technologies but is increasingly often being used for creative ideals and practices of city making. "City hacking" evokes more participatory, inclusive, decentralized, playful and subversive alternatives to often top-down ICT implementations in smart city making. However, these discourses about "hacking the city" are used ambiguously and are loaded with various ideological presumptions, which makes the term also problematic. For some "urban hacking" is about empowering citizens to organize around communal issues and perform aesthetic urban interventions. For others it raises questions about governance: what kind of "city hacks" should be encouraged or not, and who decides? Can city hacking be curated? For yet others, trendy participatory buzzwords like these are masquerades for deeply libertarian neoliberal values. Furthermore, a question is how "city hacking" may mature from the tactical level of smart and often playful interventions to the strategic level of enduring impact. The Digital Cities 9 workshop welcomes papers that explore the idea of "hackable city making" in constructive and critical ways.en
dc.publisherACM Press, New York
dc.relation.ispartofProceedings of the 7th International Conference on Communities and Technologies
dc.subjectcity making
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dc.subjecturban curation
dc.titleDigital cities 9 workshop - hackable cities: from subversive city making to systemic changeen
gi.conference.dateJune, 27-30, 2015
gi.conference.locationLimerick, Ireland