Digital Cities 10: Towards a Localised Socio-technical Understanding of the 'Real Smart City'

dc.contributor.authorOdendaal, N.
dc.contributor.authorAurigi, A.
dc.contributor.editorLewkowicz, Myriam
dc.contributor.editorRohde, Markus
dc.contributor.editorMulder, Ingrid
dc.contributor.editorSchuler, Douglas
dc.description.abstractWe invite scholars, practitioners and thinkers to look at smart cities from the point of view of the inhabitable, and inhabited place. Appropriation of technology is contextual with the physical and digital city experientially connected. It means understanding the cross-agency of design and socio-cultural context. We invite papers that uncover such cases with in-depth inquiry. We aim to explore the interface between urban design and embodied interaction and revisit the work on community and technology in the age of urban informatics, big data, and the Internet of things. We encourage work that displays conceptual rigor in its inquiry; either through grounded theory and allowing new readings of the 'smart city' to emerge or to revisit this phenomenon through critical pieces. We welcome stories from the global South that engage the growing work on southern urbanism through a technolens. The aim is to contribute to a textured reading of contemporary urbanism.en
dc.publisherACM Press, New York
dc.relation.ispartofProceedings of the 8th International Conference on Communities and Technologies
dc.subjectUrban planning
dc.subjectaugmented space
dc.subjectdigital cities
dc.subjectembodied interaction
dc.subjecturban design
dc.subjecturban informatics
dc.titleDigital Cities 10: Towards a Localised Socio-technical Understanding of the 'Real Smart City'en
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gi.conference.dateJune 26-30, 2017
gi.conference.locationTroyes, France
gi.conference.sessiontitleLong Papers