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Functions of Social Networking Services 34
Fostering shared responsibility – A socio-technical system to relieve caring relatives in rural areas 33
Are Team Autonomy and Flexibility Enough for Agile Transformation? A Review of Transformed Practices in a Public Sector Organization 31
Open Forest: Walking-with Feral Stories, Creatures, Data 27
Giving help or information? A human advisor and a chatbot answers requests from citizens 25
Toward an AI-assisted Assessment Tool to Support Online Art Therapy Practices: A Pilot Study 24
Collectively Improve the Quality of Life at Work: How and Which Data to Collect and Analyze? 23
Modeling for Analysis and Design in Regulated Artifacts Ecologies (MADRAE): a Case for Cooperative Practices in Telemedicine 22
Preparing for Implementing Commercial Algorithms in Radiology: A Formative Evaluation Study 21
Implementing Electronic Health Records – Cases, Concepts, Questions 21