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2014Presenting the Kludd: A Shared Workspace for CollaborationNilsson, Stefan; Svensson, Lars
2014Collaboration and Coordination in the Context of Informal Care (CCCiC): Concepts, Methods, and TechnologiesTellioğlu, Hilda; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Pinatti De Carvalho, Aparecido Fabiano; Brešković, Ivan; Schinkinger, Susanne; Tixier, Matthieu
2014The Collaborative Management of Information Problems in HospitalsMurphy, Alison R.
2014Revisiting Corporate Social Media: Challenges and Implications from a Long-Term StudyKrischkowsky, Alina; Fuchsberger, Verena; Tscheligi, Manfred
2014Exploring How a Co-Dependent Tangible Tool Design Supports Collaboration in a Tabletop ActivityFan, Min; Antle, Alissa N.; Neustaedter, Carman; Wise, Alyssa F.
2014Work Practices in Coordinating Center Enabled Networks (CCENs)Rolland, Betsy; Paine, Drew; Lee, Charlotte P.
2016Designing for Inclusion: Supporting Gender Diversity in Independent Innovation TeamsHui, Julie S.; Farnham, Shelly D.
2016Raising Your Eminence inside the Enterprise Social NetworkKremer-Davidson, Shiri; Ronen, Inbal; Leiba, Lior; Kaplan, Avi; Barnea, Maya
2016The Impact of Spatial Properties on Collaboration: An Exploratory Study in the Automotive DomainKrischkowsky, Alina; Trösterer, Sandra; Bruckenberger, Ulrike; Maurer, Bernhard; Neureiter, Katja; Perterer, Nicole; Baumgartner, Axel; Tscheligi, Manfred
2016Handheld Augmented Reality for Distributed Collaborative Crime Scene InvestigationDatcu, Dragoš; Lukosch, Stephan G.; Lukosch, Heide K.