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2020Privacy Norms within the Internet of Things Using Contextual IntegrityAbaquita, Denielle; Bahirat, Paritosh; Badillo-Urquiola, Karla A.; Wisniewski, Pamela
2020Child Welfare System: Interaction of Policy, Practice and AlgorithmsSaxena, Devansh; Badillo-Urquiola, Karla; Wisniewski, Pamela; Guha, Shion
2020Children's Perspectives on Human Sex Trafficking Prevention EducationBadillo-Urquiola, Karla; Razi, Afsaneh; Edwards, Jan; Wisniewski, Pamela
2020Enhancing Smart Home Security Using Co-Monitoring of IoT DevicesAgrawal, Dev; Bhagwat, Rahul; Bandopadhyay, Rajdeep; Kunapareddi, Vineela; Burden, Eric; Halse, Shane; Wisniewski, Pamela; Kropczynski, Jess
2016Exploring Ethics and Obligations for Studying Digital CommunitiesFiesler, Casey; Wisniewski, Pamela; Pater, Jessica; Andalibi, Nazanin
2020GROUP4Good: Exploring Positive Impacts of GROUP ResearchPater, Jessica A.; Badillo-Urquiola, Karla; Wisniewski, Pamela; LaLone, Nicolas; Jacobs, Maia
2016Understanding User Reviews of Adolescent Mobile Safety Apps: A Thematic AnalysisGhosh, Arup Kumar; Wisniewski, Pamela
2018A Stakeholders' Analysis of the Systems That Support Foster CareBadillo-Urquiola, Karla; Abraham, Jaclyn; Ghosh, Arup Kumar; Wisniewski, Pamela
2018Examining the Effects of Parenting Styles on Offline and Online Adolescent Peer ProblemsGhosh, Arup Kumar; Badillo-Urquiola, Karla; Wisniewski, Pamela
2018Research Ethics Town Hall MeetingBjörn, Pernille; Fiesler, Casey; Muller, Michael; Pater, Jessica; Wisniewski, Pamela