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2019Co-Creating Platform Governance Models Using Boundary Resources: a Case Study from Dementia Care ServicesFarshchian, Babak A.; Thomassen, Hanne Ekran
2019Repetita Iuvant: Exploring and Supporting Redundancy in Hospital PracticesCabitza, Federico; Ellingsen, Gunnar; Locoro, Angela; Simone, Carla
2019Platforms, Scales and Networks: Meshing a Local Sustainable Sharing EconomyLight, Ann; Miskelly, Clodagh
2019Citizen Representation in City Government-Driven CrowdsourcingClark, Benjamin Y.; Brudney, Jeffrey L.
2019Scholars’ Perceptions of Relevance in Bibliography-Based People Recommender SystemOlshannikova, Ekaterina; Olsson, Thomas; Huhtamäki, Jukka; Yao, Peng
2019Overcoming Social Barriers When Contributing to Open Source Software ProjectsSteinmacher, Igor; Gerosa, Marco; Conte, Tayana U.; Redmiles, David F.
2019The Evolution of Power and Standard Wikidata Editors: Comparing Editing Behavior over Time to Predict Lifespan and Volume of EditsSarasua, Cristina; Checco, Alessandro; Demartini, Gianluca; Difallah, Djellel; Feldman, Michael; Pintscher, Lydia
2019Moral and Affective Differences in U.S. Immigration Policy Debate on TwitterGrover, Ted; Bayraktaroglu, Elvan; Mark, Gloria; Rho, Eugenia Ha Rim
2019Flexible Turtles and Elastic Octopi: Exploring Agile Practice in Knowledge WorkErickson, Ingrid; Menezes, Deepti; Raheja, Raghav; Shetty, Thanushree
2019I’m Trying to Find my Way of Staying Organized: the Socio-Technical Assemblages of Personal Health Information ManagementWillis, Matthew