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2017From Facebook to the Neighbourhood: Infrastructuring of Hybrid Community EngagementMosconi, Gaia; Korn, Matthias; Reuter, Christian; Tolmie, Peter; Teli, Maurizio; Pipek, Volkmar
2017Authority as an Interactional Achievement: Exploring Deference to Smart Devices in Hospital-Based ResuscitationPatel, Menisha; Hartswood, Mark; Webb, Helena; Gobbi, Mary; Monger, Eloise; Jirotka, Marina
2017What if it Switched on the Sun? Exploring Creativity in a Brainstorming Session with Children Through a Vygotskyan PerspectiveKinnula, Marianne; Molin-Juustila, Tonja; Sánchez Milara, Iván; Cortes, Marta; Riekki, Jukka
2017Designing in between Local Government and the Public – Using Institutional Analysis in Interventions on Civic InfrastructuresWeise, Sebastian; Coulton, Paul; Chiasson, Mike
2017Interaction and Outcomes in Collaborative Storytelling Systems: a Framework, a Field Study, and a ModelColás, Joaquim; Tapscott, Alan; Righi, Valeria; Moghnieh, Ayman; Blat, Josep
2017Surfacing Small Worlds through Data-In-PlaceLindley, Siân E.; Thieme, Anja; Taylor, Alex S.; Vlachokyriakos, Vasilis; Regan, Tim; Sweeney, David
2017Augmenting Multi-Party Face-to-Face Interactions Amongst Strangers with User Generated ContentKytö, Mikko; McGookin, David
2017Paper Practices in Institutional Talk: How Financial Advisors Impress their ClientsDolata, Mateusz; Schwabe, Gerhard
2017Data Work: How Energy Advisors and Clients Make IoT Data AccountableFischer, Joel E.; Crabtree, Andy; Colley, James A.; Rodden, Tom; Costanza, Enrico
2017Counter-Discourse Activism on Social Media: The Case of Challenging “Poverty Porn” TelevisionFeltwell, Tom; Vines, John; Salt, Karen; Blythe, Mark; Kirman, Ben; Barnett, Julie; Brooker, Phillip; Lawson, Shaun