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2019The Premise of Institutioning for the Proliferation of Communities and Technologies ResearchFoth, Marcus; Turner, Troy John
2019Namibian Indigenous Communities Reflecting on Their Own Digital RepresentationsStichel, Brit; Blake, Edwin; Maasz, Donovan; Stanley, Colin; Winschiers-Theophilus, Heike; Afrikaner, Helena
2019Technology at/of the border: a workshop about stories and experiencesKrüger, Maximilian; Aal, Konstantin; Wulf, Volker; Tachtler, Franziska Maria; Talhouk, Reem; Duarte, Ana María Bustamante; Fisher, Karen E.; Yafi, Eiad; Charitonos, Koula
2019Conflict and Belonging: Socially engaged art practice as a resource for resilience-building in rurban communitiesMurray, Maria; Pantidi, Nadia; Hogan, Trevor
2019Because nothing is more normal than diversity: Implementing diversity in HCI educationRohde, Markus; Marsden, Nicola; Raudonat, Kerstin; Hauptmeier, Helmut; Ahmadi, Michael
2019Mobility Transformation: What does mobility mean in the future?Tellioğlu, Hilda; Berger, Martin; Kirchberger, Christoph; Strohmeier, Flora
2019Design for Healthy Horizons in a Local Community: Digital relations in a neighbourhood with health challengesKanstrup, Anne Marie; Bertelsen, Pernille
2019Trust-Building Across Networks Through Festival OrganizingChoi, Judeth Oden; Herbsleb, James; Forlizzi, Jodi
2019Collective Consciousness: What could this mean and how do we research and design (with) it?Grunewald, Philipp; Roberts, Shadrock; Hedges, Mark; Buchana, Paul; Liddo, Anna De
2019Thinking Outside the (Tool) Box: Exploring Empowerment Through the Design and Use of ToolkitsJarusriboonchai, Pradthana; Meissner, Janis Lena; Hansen, Nicolai Brodersen; Schouten, Ben