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2018The Types, Roles, and Practices of Documentation in Data Analytics Open Source Software Libraries: A Collaborative Ethnography of Documentation WorkGeiger, R. Stuart; Varoquaux, Nelle; Mazel-Cabasse, Charlotte; Holdgraf, Chris
2018Speaking Their Mind: Populist Style and Antagonistic Messaging in the Tweets of Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, Nigel Farage, and Geert WildersGonawela, A’Ndre; Pal, Joyojeet; Thawani, Udit; van der Vlugt, Elmer; Out, Wim; Chandra, Priyank
2018Of Embodied Action and Sensors: Knowledge and Expertise Sharing in Industrial Set-upPinatti de Carvalho, Aparecido Fabiano; Hoffmann, Sven; Abele, Darwin; Schweitzer, Marcus; Tolmie, Peter; Randall, David; Wulf, Volker
2018Physical versus Digital Sticky Notes in Collaborative IdeationMøller Jensen, Mads; Thiel, Sarah-Kristin; Hoggan, Eve; Bødker, Susanne
2018Towards Evolutionary Named Group RecommendationsBartel, Jacob W.; Dewan, Prasun
2018Online Support Groups for Depression in China: Culturally Shaped Interactions and MotivationsZhang, Renwen; Eschler, Jordan; Reddy, Madhu
2018Room for Silence: Ebola Research, Pluralism and the Pragmatic Study of Sociomaterial PracticesHoleman, Isaac
2018Variations in Oncology Consultations: How Dictation allows Variations to be Documented in Standardized WaysMørck, Peter; Langhoff, Tue Odd; Christophersen, Mads; Møller, Anne Kirstine; Bjørn, Pernille
2018In Search for the Perfect Pathway: Supporting Knowledge Work of Welfare WorkersBoulus-Rødje, Nina
2018From Work to Life and Back Again: Examining the Digitally-Mediated Work/Life Practices of a Group of Knowledge WorkersCiolfi, Luigina; Lockley, Eleanor