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2018Extending the Gmail User-Interface to Leverage Prediction of Response Times and Hierarchical RecipientsLi, Danwei; Bartel, Jacob; Dewan, Prasun
2018Reconsidering online reputation systemsWilson, Anna; De Paoli, Stefano
2018Fostering the appropriation of socially collaborative technologies as a strategy to tackle third-level digital divideBettega, Mela; Teli, Maurizio
2018The Role of Culturally Intelligent Team Leaders on Task PerformancePacheco, Dulce; Stevens, Scott
2018The Influence of the Leaders’ Selection Method on Team PerformancePacheco, Dulce; Soares, Luísa
2018Blockchain 4 EducationKolvenbach, Sabine; Ruland, Rudolf; Gräther, Wolfgang; Prinz, Wolfgang
2018Lacomo: A Layer to Develop Collaborative Mobile ApplicationsPichiliani, Mauro Carlos; Dewan, Prasun; Hirata, Celso Massaki
2018The Types, Roles, and Practices of Documentation in Data Analytics Open Source Software Libraries: A Collaborative Ethnography of Documentation WorkGeiger, R. Stuart; Varoquaux, Nelle; Mazel-Cabasse, Charlotte; Holdgraf, Chris
2018Speaking Their Mind: Populist Style and Antagonistic Messaging in the Tweets of Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, Nigel Farage, and Geert WildersGonawela, A’Ndre; Pal, Joyojeet; Thawani, Udit; van der Vlugt, Elmer; Out, Wim; Chandra, Priyank
2018Of Embodied Action and Sensors: Knowledge and Expertise Sharing in Industrial Set-upPinatti de Carvalho, Aparecido Fabiano; Hoffmann, Sven; Abele, Darwin; Schweitzer, Marcus; Tolmie, Peter; Randall, David; Wulf, Volker