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dc.contributor.authorCabitza, Federico
dc.contributor.authorSarini, Marcello
dc.contributor.authorSimone, Carla
dc.contributor.authorTelaro, Michele
dc.description.abstractIn this paper we present Torres, a conceptual framework that supports people belonging to different groups to articulate their activities. Our work is based on observations of how healthcare practitioners manage the interactions occurring when the patients' care crosses the borders of a healthcare facility. On the basis of previous works on reconciliation and of our observations, we aim to provide a framework to understand these interactions and to computationally support them so to convey the local knowledge needed both to guarantee the continuity of care and to promote the articulation of the related activities.en
dc.publisherIOS Press
dc.relation.ispartofCOOP 2006: Cooperative Systems Design - Seamless Integration of Artifacts and Conversations - Enhanced Concepts of Infrastructure for Communication
dc.titleTorres, a Conceptual Framework for Articulation Work across Boundariesen
mci.conference.date9-12 May 2006
mci.conference.locationCarry-le-Rouet, France
Appears in Collections:COOP 2006: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Designing Cooperative Systems

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