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dc.contributor.authorRichter, Alexander
dc.contributor.authorKoch, Michael
dc.description.abstractSocial Networking Services (SNS) are the fastest growing type of social software – both in the Internet and in company-wide Intranets. Due to the fact that SNS have emerged just recently and the development speed of the services is enormous, there exist large gaps in research about this type of service. For example, so far there has been no attempt to identify and categorize the basic functionalities of SNS. This is the goal of this contribution. Six groups of functionalities for SNS are proposed and their categorization is motivated. The identification of a distinct set of SNS functions will facilitate the modularization and integration of different social network applications.
dc.publisherACM Press
dc.relation.ispartofFrom CSCW to Web 2.0: European Developments in Collaborative Design Selected Papers from COOP08
dc.subjectSocial Networking
dc.subjectExpert Finding
dc.subjectYellow Pages
dc.subjectKnowledge Management
dc.subjectWeb 2.0
dc.subjectSocial Software
dc.subjectEnterprise 2.0
dc.titleFunctions of Social Networking Services
mci.conference.locationCarry-le-Rouet, France
mci.conference.sessiontitleFull Papers
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