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dc.contributor.authorEsichaikul, Vatcharaporn
dc.contributor.authorKomolrit, Valailak
dc.description.abstractTo promote democracy, governments have encouraged citizens to voice their opinions on a number of issues. In this paper, the Government-to-Citizen (G2C) aspect of electronic governement, focuses on Citizen Relationship Management (CzRM). The highest stage of evolution in CzRM is participative democracy. One channel to promote participative democracy is through e-forums, which can enable a government to become “citizen-centric” to reflect the concept of good governance. In Thailand, e-forums have never been used as a formal consultative channel with citizens. The government has yet to organize a formal e-forum to consult citizens as it has done in off-line public hearings. In this research, a prototype of government e-forum was developed and evaluated. The application of the e-forum is to conduct an online hearing on wastewater issues.
dc.publisherSpringer London, Dordrecht Amsterdam
dc.relation.ispartofCommunities and Technologies: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Communities and Technologies 2005
dc.relation.ispartofseriesCommunities and Technologies
dc.titleCitizen Participation through E-Forum: A Case of Wastewater Issues
mci.conference.locationMilano, Italy
mci.conference.sessiontitleFull Papers
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