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2013Social and mobile interaction design to increase the loyalty rates of young blood donorsFoth, Marcus; Satchell, Christine; Seeburger, Jan; Russell-Bennett, Rebekah
2013Agora2.0: enhancing civic participation through a public displaySchiavo, Gianluca; Milano, Marco; Saldivar, Jorge; Nasir, Tooba; Zancanaro, Massimo; Convertino, Gregorio
2011Public deliberation in municipal planning: supporting action and reflection with mobile technologyBohøj, Morten; Borchorst, Nikolaj G.; Bødker, Susanne; Korn, Matthias; Zander, Pär-Ola
2013Work-to-rule: the emergence of algorithmic governance in WikipediaMüller-Birn, Claudia; Dobusch, Leonhard; Herbsleb, James D.
2011Public engagement with biomedical research through location-sensitive technologyNaylor, Ryan; Elliott, Kristine; Gray, Kathleen; Wadley, Greg
2011Mail2Wiki: Low-cost Sharing and Early Curation from Email to WikisHanrahan, Ben; Bouchard, Guillaume; Convertino, Gregorio; Weksteen, Thiebaud; Kong, Nicholas; Archambeau, Cedric; Chi, Ed H.
2013The role of community in exercise: cross-cultural study of online exercise diary usersMalinen, Sanna; Nurkka, Piia
2011Wiki-based community collaboration in organizationsMansour, Osama; Abusalah, Mustafa; Askenäs, Linda
2013How user communities improve mass customization productivityStraßburger, Simon
2011Motivating domestic energy conservation through comparative, community-based feedback in mobile and social mediaPetkov, Petromil; Köbler, Felix; Foth, Marcus; Krcmar, Helmut