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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Pluriversal Design: A Virtual Decolonising ExhibitionKambunga, Asnath Paula; Smith, Rachel Charlotte; Winschiers-Theophilus, Heike; Pinto, Nathaly; Abril, Xavier Barriga; Boffi, Laura; Dzisi, Emmanuel; Zaman, Tariq; Ibinarriaga, Desiree Hernandez; Chahine, Anne; Jensen, Laura Lennert; Vold, Vivi
2021The Field Guide App - Connecting Island Communities to Local Conservation Through Mobile InteractionSousa, Daniel; Silva, Alexandra R.; Amorim, Isabel R.; Ashby, Simone; Arroz, Ana Moura; Piasentin, Flora; Gabriel, Rosalina; Matos, Sónia
2021NYC Charity Crowd - A democratic, crowdsourced charitable foundation for New York City residentsTsadok, Daniel M.
2021Skid Row Power Now! A participatory co-design project to power up digital devices in Skid RowLanz, Paulina; Cunningham, Todd; Nguyen, Hoan; White, Pete; Bar, François
2021Making Space for Support: An Exploratory Analysis of Pandemic-Response Mutual Aid PlatformsKnearem, Tiffany; Jo, Jeongwon; Tsai, Chun-Hua; Carroll, John M.
2021Understanding Failures and Potentials of Argumentation Tools for Public DeliberationLiddo, Anna De; Strube, Rosa
2021Care-full Design Sprints, Online? Addressing Gaps in Cultural Access and Inclusion during Covid-19 with Vulnerable Communities in London and TokyoBraybrooke, Kit; Janes, Stephanie; Sato, Chihiro
2021Remote Collaborative Childcare in the Workplace: Sharing Childcare with Colleagues during COVID-19 EmergencyLeonardi, Chiara; Schiavo, Gianluca; Fasoli, Anna; Zancanaro, Massimo
2021Deployment of a community information platform in Santo Antão island: A case study from Cabo VerdeŽišt, Petra; Boaventura, Emily; Ramos, Jorge
2021Into the Mine: Wicked Reflections on Decolonial Thinking and TechnologiesLeal, Débora de Castro; Duarte, Ana Maria Bustamante; Krüger, Max; Strohmayer, Angelika