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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Trustworthy chatbots assisting large-scale collaborationAmiot, Clélie 
2020Diversifying Smart Home ContextsDankwa, Nana Kesewaa
2020Design Fundamentals of Wearable TechnologyRuston, Olivia
2020AI for teams: The future of assisted collaborative workNiklasson, Axel
2020Learning for life: Designing for sustainability of tech-learning networks of older adultsCerna, Katerina; Dickel, Martin; Müller, Claudia; Kärnä, Eija; Gallistl, Vera; Kolland, Franz; Reuter, Verena; Naegele, Gerhard; Bevilacqua, Roberta; Kaspar, Heidi; Otto, Ulrich
2020(Coping with) Messiness in Ethnography – Methods, Ethics and Participation in ethnographic Field Work in the non-Western WorldRueller, Sarah; Aal, Konstantin; Mouratidis, Marios; Randall, Dave; Wulf, Volker; Boulus-Rødje, Nina; Semaan, Bryan
2020Psychosocial ICT: The Potential, Challenges and Benefits of Self-help Tools for Refugees with Negative Mental StressErtl, Tanja; Aal, Konstantin; Diraoui, Hoda; Tolmie, Peter; Wulf, Volker
2020Fostering Accessibility at the Workplace through Community-based Participatory ResearchPinatti de Carvalho, Aparecido Fabiano; Bittenbinder, Sven; Müller, Claudia; David, Nadia; Hansen, Bente; Wulf, Volker
2020Doing CSCW research in small and medium enterprises: experiences, options and challengesSchorch, Marén; Seifert, Fabienne; Syed, Hussain A.; Kotthaus, Christoph; Pipek, Volkmar
2020Why Do CSCW Insights Lose Out to Management Intuitions?Christensen, Lars Rune; Erickson, Ingrid; Harper, Richard; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Nauwerck, Gerolf