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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Walking the Tightrope: The Balancing Acts of a Large e-Research ProjectLawrence, Katherine A.
2005Ways of the handsKirk, David; Crabtree, Andy; Rodden, Tom
2009wConnect: a facebook-based developmental learning community to support women in information technologyRosson, Mary Beth; Carroll, John M.; Zhao, Dejin; Paone, Timothy
2023We All Have Skin, We All Have Blood, We Are All Human": Creating Discourse among Different Conceptualizations of Europe with an Interactive Art Installation"Weibert, Anne; Oertel Ribeiro, Nora; Aal, Konstantin; Rüller, Sarah
2003We Can See You: A Study of Communities' Invisible People through ReachOutSoroka, V.; Jacovi, M.; Ur, S.
2019“We can still talk to the patient!” - Negotiating the narrative power of patient reported dataLangstrup, Henriette
2009We can work it out: Collaborative Conflict Resolution in Model VersioningBrosch, Petra; Seidl, Martina; Wieland, Konrad; Wimmer, Manuel
2021“We found no violation!”: Twitter's Violent Threats Policy and Toxicity in Online DiscourseCasula, Pooja; Anupam, Aditya; Parvin, Nassim
2019“We passed the trust on”: Strategies for security in #MeToo activism in SwedenHansson, Karin; Sveningsson, Malin; Sandgren, Maria; Ganetz, Hillevi
2003Weak Ties in Networked CommunitiesKavanaugh, A.; Reese, D.D.; Carroll, J.M.; Rosson, M.B.
1999WebDAV: A network protocol for remote collaborative authoring on the WebWhitehea, .; Goland, Yaron Y.
2008“What are We Missing?” Usability’s Indexical GroundZemel, Alan; Koschmann, Timothy; LeBaron, Curtis; Feltovich, Paul
1995What Are Workplace Studies For?Plowman, Lydia; Rogers, Yvonne; Ramage, Magnus
2011What Are You Working On? Status Message Q&A in an Enterprise SNSThom, Jennifer; Helsley, Sandra Yuen; Matthews, Tara L.; Daly, Elizabeth M.; Millen, David R.
2006What can Studies of e-Learning Teach us about Collaboration in e-Research? Some Findings from Digital Library StudiesBorgman, Christine L.
2009What Counts as Software Process? Negotiating the Boundary of Software Work Through Artifacts and ConversationCohn, Marisa Leavitt; Sim, Susan Elliott; Lee, Charlotte P.
2007What Did I Miss? Visualizing the Past through Video TracesNunes, Michael; Greenberg, Saul; Carpendale, Sheelagh; Gutwin, Carl
2018“What do you want for dinner?” – Need Anticipation and the design of proactive technologies for the homeHyland, Lewis; Crabtree, Andy; Fischer, Joel; Colley, James; Fuentes, Carolina
2018“What do you want for dinner?” – need anticipation and the design of proactive technologies for the homeHyland, Lewis; Crabtree, Andy; Fischer, Joel; Colley, James; Fuentes, Carolina
2017What if it Switched on the Sun? Exploring Creativity in a Brainstorming Session with Children Through a Vygotskyan PerspectiveKinnula, Marianne; Molin-Juustila, Tonja; Sánchez Milara, Iván; Cortés, Marta; Riekki, Jukka